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Art of the Age: What is it all about?

The name came from an idea of life in balance. That is the true art of the
age these days. You know, body, mind and spirit, that kind
of thing. Consciously creating a life that allows you to live as your
best self. When you are being your best self, things flow and fall into place.
Overcoming fear is the key to success, whatever that success means for you.
Following the heart is not an impossible task, it can be a challenge, but remember
you are changing you and your conditioning. Creating a new balance in your life can
be achieved. You can have what you want. Change comes from within.

For me this means many things. I have been putting my desire to be successful
in my art business and healing work on the side for a long time.
I did not make it enough of a priority. At least, that is part of the equation.
I know that I should be living off of my creativity. It is the transition to
that lifestyle that has challenged me. I know what I want, and now I am asking
myself what I need to change to get it.

There's art in me to create, books to write. I have lots of ideas. New things.
So, stay tuned for updates.

Love and Light,

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