Snowflakes in mid-April

Posted by Ellen Eschwege on

I prefer it green by this time of year, but it was a beautiful drive today through roads lined with snow covered trees.  I would like to see my lilacs happily sprouting their big buds outside my kitchen window.  I choose to enjoy the moment even when that moment is absurd.  I wore a turtle neck with a wool sweater today to stay warm in the dampness. I would rather be sporting some leggings and a draped kimono jacket.  I should be getting my kimono soon. I will post it when it arrives.       That's right, I ordered one for me.  I fell in love with the kimonos when I was designing them and while I did plenty of research before choosing my manufacturer, it is still an exciting thing to see what one of my designs is like in person.  So, the grand experiment of life continues and I will share my experiences with you.

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