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Working on two paintings at the moment.  They are, admittedly, vastly different from each other.  While I recognize that it is not fashionable to do more than one thing, I must honor my sense of adventure and explore multiple forms of expression.  This is my nature, I cannot help it.  I love nature, so I paint nature and experiment with how I paint it.  If I feel a painting is successful, I put it up for sale, if not I will chalk it up to experience and say, "OK, that's not it."  So, here is the nature one in a couple of phases of progress.  I am not used to doing this, sharing the process kind of thing, but I am experimenting with what I share and how I share it as far as my creation process goes.  

First, the picture I used as reference from a hike I went on with a group of people.


Color blocking and layout (underpainting.  It will be lighter in the end.)                   


And a little further.

It has a way to go yet.  I will probably just post the finished piece at this point, unless I feel otherwise.  

And the other one, is VERY different, and is also in mid-production but I have decided to share both with you.

The sketch and the current form



I have also posted some more artworks in the gallery.

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