Message from Archangel Gabriel

Posted by Ellen Eschwege on

I am with you this day, each and every day, to bring to you the reminder of your divinity and your connection with the All That Is.  I greet and salute all those who are standing forward in the Light of Who They Are as beacons to those around them, uplifting and comforting in your daily walk upon this planet.  Continue to shine your Light into every corner of darkness and illuminate every space with goodness and strength.  Stand your ground and uplift those who are weary.  For there are many upon this world in need of a friendly, healing touch. It is time to move into the expansion of your heart's calling.  Take the steps and remember that you are not alone in the world.  The angelic realms are swarming the planet with love, light, healing and protection for everyone on this planet.  Call upon them for aid and you will have it!  It is a time of miracles and you are all capable of manifesting that which you wish in the world.  Step forward now in the Light of Who You Are and walk the Path.  Do it because you know it is the right thing to do.  Do it because you can no longer stuff your feelings of discontent any longer.  Whatever is holding you back, release it.  Just do it. 

Serving in Love and Light, I am Archangel Gabriel

through  Ellen Eschwege

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