Hiatus is over

Posted by Ellen Eschwege on

I took a break from this website to try to find myself again and what I really want to be doing with my life, art and services.  I actually shut it down for a month.  What I found from doing that is that without expressing myself via my art or other medium (writing, teaching, counseling), I sink into an abyss of downward spiraling emotions.  Denying my true tendencies has served to show me how much these things mean to me.  

I have put my Self and my True Expression of my Divine Nature to the side for a very long time now, all in the name of "safety".  You know, the safe job thing that sucks the life out of you and you still don't have everything you require in life.  It has only served to make me miserable.  The thing is that, in my Heart of Hearts, I know from whence my true abundance springs and the universal connections I possess.  I am capable of so much more than is presently apparent in my life.

I know I need to change and have usually been progressively evolving my life.  Things got a bit jumbled with my mother's passing and my three and a half year residency in Florida, and even more jumbled when I returned to my home in western NY.  Too many challenges can wear one down but the thing is, I never truly let go of who I am and what I feel I am here to do in this world.   

So, here I am.  Beginning again.


About the painting:  I started this painting a long time ago (probably about two years), and never finished it.  I recently began working on it again.

My message is simply this:  Don't give up on your dreams.  Find the way that works for you.  If the feeling is strong enough in you, you will create the way to succeed.  Getting over the depression with what is going on in the world can distract you from rising above the chaos and realizing the clarity of your True Divine Self.  You are a Soul, having a human experience.  Remember Who You Are and Be.  You know the Way; it is Within You.

Love and Light,



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  • I know it’s difficult if you feel like you’re always working and it’s still not enough to make ends meet. I decided years ago that my employers had me for a certain part of the day (the contract said 7:10 to3:10), and I loved my job that I would give more than that, but after 5 was my time, that I could do whatever I needed to satisfy my soul. I think survival depends on being able to carve time out of the day for yourself and honor that like the most important appointment there is.

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