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I just want to say that I love doing artwork for people.  I enjoy the process of bringing to life someone's idea and collaborating with them to achieve the results that we both desire.  The first time that I did a piece of artwork for someone, I was giving it as a wedding gift.  The groom had a horse who had passed away suddenly and he was quite upset about it, so I decided to do a pastel of his horse as a gift.  I borrowed an album he had with the pretense that I just wanted some horse reference pictures from which to do "some" artwork.  He did not suspect anything, as I had been to the ranch to sketch the horses previously.

He and his bride did not know what I had done.  A couple days after the wedding, I went over to their place with the artwork, which I framed and wrapped.  And what happened when he opened it and saw his horse, is the reason I LOVE doing art for people.  He, and his wife, were in tears, so surprised and grateful and well, they were just floored.  This is what art can do.  It can help heal people.  That moment for me, too, was a tear-jerker and an eye-opener.  

I would share that picture with you but I do not have a digital copy of it to do so.  Instead, I will share a whimsical pet portrait that I did for someone.  This is Harley.

I am taking orders for pet portraits and other custom artwork.  If you order now, I should be able to get the artwork to you before Christmas.  

The 20% off sale runs through Wednesday 11/28 and includes custom artwork. 

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