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I have art all over my walls.  Yes, much of it is mine, but also other artists.  I create my space and set the mood of my environment with art.  I change what is displayed on my walls periodically to freshen the space, moving pieces around, or in and out of storage (I have a space for that! You could use a little closet space for this and  create seasonal changes to your environment).  Art speaks to the soul and our emotional selves.  We react to it, from the moment we see it.  We can be drawn in, repulsed, enthused, touched, and engaged by it.  Art invokes thought on new levels and can take us places within ourselves as yet unexplored.  Art is a journey.

Art is not merely decorative, it enlivens a space.  Art has energy, vitality and sends us a message.  Artists choose subjects that speak to their souls and engage in a process of internal dialogue with intent, structure, color, light and form to produce something of interest to others.  Art is for contemplation.  When you go to an art gallery, outdoor show or online website, there is so much to consider when you look at art.  Talk with artists about their artwork, don't be afraid to ask questions, we love to talk about what we do.  

Your perspective drives what you see and to what you are drawn.  Putting art in your space is an act of self-expression.  Putting what you like on your walls, or on your table or floor, helps to define your space as your space.  Your interests in color, content, and intent to set a mood will come out in your choices of the art objects in your rooms.  Of course, it may be that you just "like it" and it makes you feel good, which is always a good reason to buy art.  

So, whether you are a seasoned art collector or simply wanting to express your interests, you are supporting an artist who put their time, consciousness and skill into a creation of a thing of beauty, or as so much of art is today, a thing worthy of contemplation and debate. At least you are supporting an artist, a fellow human being, in what they love doing and THAT is a truly amazing thing.  Thank you for joining me in this journey we call life.

By the way, the picture is a charcoal rendering I did of an old black and white photo of my mother when she was young (1940's).  I work from photos often.  If you have a picture that you would like as a work of art, email me with your interest at and I will get back to you.  

I will work from your photo(s) to create a unique work of art that will last for generations. I particularly enjoy working with old black and white photos and doing nostalgic heirloom pieces of family memories. Color photos are great too!  Be it a portrait, pet portrait, a scene of familiarity, I will create a piece of art that you will be happy to put on your wall. I can work from several photos to do a composite rendering and create a totally unique piece of art for you. I do this all by hand, no tech involved. As an artist, I have complete control over background, color and composition and by working together with your ideas of what you want I can create something of lasting value that you will cherish.

I started thinking about doing this when my sister, age 56, died from a 10 year battle with cancer. A year and a half later, my mother passed away. It was a double whammy that I didn't expect and the impact of which I am still working through. I used to do portraits when I was younger, so I am beginning to do them again. I work in pastels or charcoal for these. I enjoy the feel of these media and the control that I have with them.

Above is a picture of my sister's beagle, Buster, a crazy beagle who loved his place on the couch and any food left out within his reach, especially cake. I did this in pastels. For more information, please visit my custom art page.

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