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So, it is time to reclaim my space.  My outdoor beds are a mess and the bushes need trimming.  Really needed trimming, big time.  Today was perfect out.  It was almost 70° out today, sunny, almost no wind. Gardening is great for grounding, excercise, and getting a vitamin D boost from the sun.  

I decided to do the yardwork in small increments of about three hours.  This way I can methodically work my way through it all.  Otherwise, it would be overwhelming.  

Life can be overwhelming with all the projects and things we set for ourselves.  You can accomplish big things, if you consistently work at it until completion.  Don't lose sight of your goals; you will reach them.  It's your journey to decide what you want to do and how to live your life.  Walk the path to fruition.  So, this is the step I took today.  Two out of five done.  I use hand tools by the way.

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