A beautiful thing

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A beautiful thing happened yesterday. I went for a walk in the woods for peace and reflection.  We haven't had many sunny days so I grabbed the opportunity.  I noticed after awhile that in the quiet of the mid afternoon, there were no animals or birds visible.  Not a single squirrel crossed my path. I wondered where everybody was.  I walked on enjoying the smell of the leaves in the crisp air, occasional sunshine beaming through the trees to warm me. 

I decided to turn around and walk back after taking a few photos for reference material for artwork, returning along the same path I had walked upon.  I had not been that way before and wanted to make sure I got back.  I stopped to touch some of the trees to feel their energy and sniffed a young pine tree's branch.  The scent was revitalizing.  I turned onto the main path back and walked a short distance and saw a flit of color in the trees along the path and then another and another.  I felt truly blessed.  The forest had heard my thoughts and answered me.  I stopped in the trail to admire them, thinking, "There you are."  They, in turn, came over to look at me and say, "Hello."  There were perhaps 6-7 of them, robins and finches.  They were quite sweet.  I smiled and walked the rest of the way back with a crow escorting me to the exit.  I love nature.  I am at home when I am with it.


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